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Á Bloc Cycling

Cycling Kit Design

That’s right! There I was at Niko Bikes in Varna, just looking to buy an autumn cycling kit to ride in style and ended up being commissioned to design one! Awesome stuff just happen to me and I get to do all the things I’m passionate about.

Niko had this idea about creating a new brand called “Á Bloc Cycling”. It’s been on the back of his mind for awhile, but I guess it was just waiting for me. Á Bloc Cycling means “ride as hard as you can”, full speed, max power, cyclists! Although I’m definitely not one of those riders, but rather a calm, sightsee-er, I get the feeling of the phrase fully.

Manufacturing took about a month which felt like forever, but here I am finally (see photos below) trying out the new kit for the first time. Felt like a second skin, as I felt like this is the first time I’m wearing a cycling jersey that fits me properly. As an artist-cyclist, this is a very very joyful moment for me. Vladimir got the blue set, so we’d be wearing matching kits for the next Sunday cycling club ride with Odessos. How cheesy is that?! 😀

I feel like I need to write here more often as quite a lot of cool stuff have begun happening with me. And they do because I let them happen, I think. Funny how a few months at home and enough time to think about this and that, to listen to/read some useful (enlightening) subjects can actually have a long term benefit… for the soul. One of the most important things I’ve learnt recently is to appreciate all kinds of experience. You just can never know when something you had to do and you found little reason in it, would be very helpful and prove you as a professional. I love it!


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