Colouring today + free bonus

Coloring is an essential tool that can allow us to channel our thoughts down on paper.

Lots of people feel intimidated when they need to write, because they cannot actually absorb and understand the that there really are benefits to writing down your thoughts. But when it comes to colouring, if properly suggested and described, this does indeed sometimes sound appealing to you (assuming you are adults). No wonder that children do this quite often. Children are amazing in finding a path to channel out whatever is bothering them inside and we should learn from them.

Colouring takes you away from the troubles of the day or any other problem that feels overwhelming and depressing. If we don’t put too much thought into what colors to use for this or for that, if we just ignore the fact that the grass is green and make it purple this time, we would find out that the world isn’t over, but at the same time we feel like something great has happened.

While colouring our hands are busy. During this time, the brain has actually a little more freedom to express the feelings we are so eager to suppress. I take colouring as a soul exercise. For people not used to drawing, it’s pleasing to believe in themselves a little bit more, see that every one has got a talent. Parallel to this, tension is reduced and spirits are high.

The key is to restrain from being (too) critical towards yourself and just enjoy what you do. And it’s not about comparing yourself with somebody else because doing some colouring work has been an actual helpful and healing experience. Who would have thought that, right? If you never try, you’ll never know!

What I’d love to share with you, is a few illustrations, adapted to be printed out and coloured by you. I created a page on my website to avoid confusion. Come HERE or click on the images below to

free drawing for colouring
Bubble Girl
In The Clouds
spaceman, illustration, wildflower

get them, print them and chill!

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