How do I find my purpose in life?

That is the question!

Few are those lucky ones who have found their dream job or are in a absolutely balanced life-work-relationship situation. For the rest of us, the Path has some more twists and turns. The key is to never give up. 

[This little article is for those in a search for themselves and should serve as a source of courage.]

To get to a point where you feel happy and accomplished, motivated and super jolly and all… you need to TRY EVERYTHING that is necessary. That’s right. EXPLORE! If you are somehow discouraged that things are just not happening smoothly, be sure it’s for a reason. I did go through a few jobs that weren’t my favourite, one of them I even hated. But in a little while, once I got to reflect on things, I was able to see all the experience I’ve gained and the way it has helped me in other aspects of life. Right now I’m really thankful for that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be who I am right now. And I like who I am! So, take notes and learn all the time, try new things, hope for new things. Your interests might be changing a little bit it time, but it’s a good thing. That’s the idea.

And something else, once you reach your goal, what do you think happens? You just continue to the next step, next big thing that would evolve from all this. Isn’t that just great? And how awesome is it to explore you own capabilities and dreams you never even thought you had!?

Life would have been really boring if we knew it all from the start. “If you never try, you’ll never know!”

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