get excellent fiverr reviews

How to get excellent reviews on Fiverr

That! is the question! And I’m going to answer it based on my experience with 140 orders (most from returning clients) and counting. So, trust me, even a little.

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1. Be casual!

Yes! Most of your clients would be people like you, entrepreneurs, startups that are looking for a nice and affordable service. You dont need to be extra official, but of course, always be respectful and polite!

Be friendly and welcoming in your responses. This way, the person on the other end of the communication channel would relax and be more composed in verbalising their idea and what you are supposed to be doing for the money theyd pay.

2. Always ask all kinds of questions in advance.

If your client has provided good example and enough references, then you are lucky. However, in most cases, clients are not entirely sure what they are looking forward to as a result. What happens is, you deliver work that you’ve spent hours working on, client sees it and realised what they really really want, so you are then being asked to make various adjustments and tweaks that take even longer than predicted. This applies to almost every creative job out there, not just illustration, but design and writing too.

Whats better is to take your time ask all the necessary questions to your clients. They would have a bit more to explain, but this get you (both sides) on the same page. Also, if you ask extra questions, clients actually consider things they did not know they want, which are often not very minor things and it’s important for you to include it in the custom offer that you would provide.

3. Message before order.

In your gig’s description, always encourage your clients to send you a message before they place their order. This way you would get to know more about the project, which doesn’t necessarily mean that you would charge more money, but would spare some gig order time from not going to waste. Often, clients are in a different time zone and it can get them more than 8 hours to reply.

On another hand, there are sneaky people who order your Basic gig and try to get you to do three times more work, as if your Premium gig. I’ve had clients like that, and I’ve requested a cancellation as they refused to pay for the extra work I was about to do. Yes, that did reflect on my ratings, but I am more concerned with my self-respect as a human and artist, and I am confident that I did the right thing. And even in those situations, I was nice. To be honest and clear about your conditions to work, doesn’t mean that you can’t be nice to the person on the other end of the line, even though he or she tried to take a little advantage of you.

4. Ask if clients have questions for you.

This is actually a good prompt to clients too. It’s a fast moving world and we need to inspire each other. Clients may wish to see some previous works of yours that would make them more confident in you. Be open about what you are going to do and if you may need some extra resources. Feel free to suggest a different solution that would actually be more successful and convenient for both of you.

5. Don’t compromise with the work you are about to do.

If you are clear with your clients’ requirements, and they are aware of the type of quality you usually deliver, aim to your best. Not all tasks are truly gonna be your favourite thing, but this is part of the freelance world and the work we do. My biggest motivators for delivering work that I’m satisfied with is that I am helping someone else and that I’m going to create a pleasant emotion for my client. Then come money and the fact that I am being able to support myself through doing art and design (insert your thing here) and to continue growing further. I think both sides are winners with such relationship.

All the points above would build up your client-seller relationship that at the end turns into a little friendship and that person on the opposite side of the globe would most definitely return to you with more work in the future. And isn’t that lovely!

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