What Coffee is to the Creative!

Every creative person who drinks coffee has a very special place in his/her heart for it.

I’m definitely one of them. Do I speak like an addict? Whateva’, I love coffee and so do you since you are reading this article already.

I’m not here to talk about health or environment. There’s plenty written out there already. This blog post is about coffee and feelings.

Working from home, from an office, from a cafe or shared workspace is always nicer when there is a certain balance on your desk or any specific working arrangement you have created for yourself. And it’s always so lovely to reach out and have a sip of that americano, cappuccino, mocha or latte that’s sitting quietly just right there.

Coffee becomes a part of your lifestyle.
Coffee keeps your creative juices flowing. That could be a placebo effect, but if it does the job, then I’m alright with it.

I like to drink my coffee very hot, with milk and just a bit of brown sugar. I could also have it black too. Yes, I’m that flexible. The feel of it and the warmth it brings me in the winter time is so precious. At the same time, I like to have my coffee for an hour or two, meaning – I’m having it continuously while I’m working. It’s the slight energy boost I take in on various intervals, even though it’s already too cold by the last sip, or if I don’t finish it at all. It’s important enough that I’ve finished my tasks and I’m happy with my performance.

When you are happy, the whole world is happy too! I’m tellin’ ya!

More than 3 coffee cups a day is definitely not my thing. One ought to have some sort of self-control to keep receiving the pleasure out of life.

What’s your daily coffee intake limit?


P.S. I was going to create a custom image for this post, but this stock one does describe my jam pretty well:)))

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