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When you hire a Freelancer

It’s mostly about passion to action. When you hire a freelancer, you don’t just get a service done for yourself by whoever. You are also helping someone’s dream grow! You are buying an individual’s time, a person who would always try to deliver above to what’s been negotiated. That’s because we freelancers, have a very […]

How do I find my purpose in life?

That is the question! Few are those lucky ones who have found their dream job or are in a absolutely balanced life-work-relationship situation. For the rest of us, the Path has some more twists and turns. The key is to never give up.  [This little article is for those in a search for themselves and […]

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Custom Portraits

I help people make other people smile! Yup, I draw custom digital portraits done in a fresh and friendly style!:) Price: 35 USD NOTE: If your request happens to be a more specific for example: full body portrait, couple of people, background scene, include an animal, and etc., please message me with more details to […]

Colouring today + free bonus

Coloring is an essential tool that can allow us to channel our thoughts down on paper. Lots of people feel intimidated when they need to write, because they cannot actually absorb and understand the that there really are benefits to writing down your thoughts. But when it comes to colouring, if properly suggested and described, […]

Therapeutic Colouring Book for Adults

It was mid-spring when the amazing Bach therapist and friend Maya Valcheva asked me to do the drawings for her (fist of its kind) therapeutic colouring book for adults. The book combines the healing power of the Twelve Healer flower essences. I was flattered and excited because I respect Bach remedies and therapy very much. […]