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The Fashionista

This is one of those artworks that you start and do as a quick thing and 30 minutes later you love it so much, it turned out so good, got many likes on social media and etc. Even though I consider myself pretty much a portrait artist, I don’t wish this to define me. Meanwhile, […]

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When you hire a Freelancer

It’s mostly about passion to action. When you hire a freelancer, you don’t just get a service done for yourself by whoever. You are also helping someone’s dream grow! You are buying an individual’s time, a person who would always try to deliver above to what’s been negotiated. That’s because we freelancers, have a very […]

How do I find my purpose in life?

That is the question! Few are those lucky ones who have found their dream job or are in a absolutely balanced life-work-relationship situation. For the rest of us, the Path has some more twists and turns. The key is to never give up.  [This little article is for those in a search for themselves and […]