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Art and Talk

My first art meeting took place on the 6th of October 2018 and it was great!

Few girls proved that art and drawing is for everyone and you don’t need to be a professional to allow yourself to draw.

I’ve had little to no courage to do lots of things but in the past two or three years I’ve changed so much and I think it’s for good. So a little dream I had, became a reality. Organising an art event turned out to be so exciting and planning it was really fun. I grew some expectations that were exceeded after all. So how fun is that!?

Experience is also a great teacher, so I now have even more ideas on how to improve the whole thing. I want to make sure that people leave with a triggered imagination and they’ve learnt something about themselves.

What did we do in this Art and Talk event?

We spoke about our biggest dreams while warming up.
We drew from imagination.
We drew objects from the environment.
We drew a camel-kangaroo-dog hybrid.
We drew our self-portraits and some girls did that for the first time!


And if you live in Varna, stay tuned for the next event and follow me on Facebook for updates:)

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