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When you hire a Freelancer

It’s mostly about passion to action.

When you hire a freelancer, you don’t just get a service done for yourself by whoever. You are also helping someone’s dream grow! You are buying an individual’s time, a person who would always try to deliver above to what’s been negotiated. That’s because we freelancers, have a very serious attitude towards the reputation we are keeping. We are also hoping to be recommended in the future and win new clients.

Freelancers are also people who have turned their hobbies into businesses. Indeed, that involves much more effort in succeeding (meaning earning a living), but then the reward feels greater. If you think about it though, lots of huge companies started off with a single person who had a vision, an idea, and kept chasing, put the work into it, until it became a reality. I’ll repeat this every time I get the chance, that the Path is almost never straightforward. It has lots of unexpected twists and turns, which are only test for how determined we are. Quite romantic, isn’t it? 🙂


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