I’m On Fiverr!

Important update:

Life turn’s out to be so dynamic and interesting, and curious, which is why I’ve temporarily paused MOST OF my Fiverr gigs. Please message me first to order :))

A page about my Fiverr gigs

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So, hi, I’m Kremi, a creative mind. Welcome here!

As a freelance illustrator, Fiverr has been one of my main virtual places where I meet my clients and do commission work. Other sources are a word to mouth and social media. But Fiverr’s been also a great learning experience for me as I got to do projects/illustrations that I wouldn’t have thought about doing otherwise. That’s a great thing for any creator because it gets to boost your creativity to a new level… and earn my living.

From 3 to 4 gigs initially, I expanded my range of “services” so to say, to over 15. I put the quotes there, because when you do something that you love, which for me is drawing, painting and design, it’s never really taken as just a job. I definitely feel myself as a lucky illustrator and freelancer as there is nothing that happens as a coincidence in this life. Everything is for a reason!

But first, what is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an international online marketplace, where people offer their services at affordable prices. Buyers are also able to publish their request and select from the seller applications they get. Gigs (or offers) start from $5 but that’s not the maximum available price. It’s evaluated by the sellers based on the complexity of the work. As a Fiverr seller for a long time there, my aim’s to be fairto myself and to the people who get in touch with me. I know that it’s often startup businesses who have a limited budget. Other times, it’s people who wish to make someone else happy, whether it’s a portrait or a collage, or would like to have an artwork to support a cause. I respect everyone. At the same time, I hope to meet the same attitude towards me. That’s not always like this. Remember that if you want to get someone to do something big for very cheap money, you may end up paying once more someone else who’d produce good quality of work. I’ve had more than one or two clients who got their fingers burnt the first time. However, I’d rarely leave space for miscommunication, meaning – I’d often ask you a ton of questions to understand your idea or concept better and deliver artwork closer to what you had imagined. (haven’t gotten my mind reading certificate just yet ^.^)

Below are direct links to my active gigs that may be of interest to you:

I Will Draw Any Animal You Want– Custom animal illustrations

I Will Draw Your Photo In My Watercolor Style – If you generally happen to like my style of drawing after seeing my portfolio, then you see what I’m capable to do with your photo(s)

I Will Paint Anything you want – The title says it all!:) I’ve left a little room to do some various projects, so message me first so I learn more about your idea before placing an order

I Will Draw Your House or Building – Building drawings

You can check out my Fiverr profile to see more or send me a message with your idea!