The Art of Automatic Drawing

I discovered automatic drawing around Christmas time in 2018. Can’t say I had a clear idea how useful it would be for my mind’s well being just a little bit after. Automatic drawing means letting your subconscious mind speak up to the clear page. It’s also a fantastic way to get over an artistic block. […]

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Art and Talk

My first art meeting took place on the 6th of October 2018 and it was great! Few girls proved that art and drawing is for everyone and you don’t need to be a professional to allow yourself to draw. I’ve had little to no courage to do lots of things but in the past two […]

Colouring today + free bonus

Coloring is an essential tool that can allow us to channel our thoughts down on paper. Lots of people feel intimidated when they need to write, because they cannot actually absorb and understand the that there really are benefits to writing down your thoughts. But when it comes to colouring, if properly suggested and described, […]

Therapeutic Colouring Book for Adults

It was mid-spring when the amazing Bach therapist and friend Maya Valcheva asked me to do the drawings for her (fist of its kind) therapeutic colouring book for adults. The book combines the healing power of the Twelve Healer flower essences. I was flattered and excited because I respect Bach remedies and therapy very much. […]