The Art of Automatic Drawing

I discovered automatic drawing around Christmas time in 2018. Can’t say I had a clear idea how useful it would be for my mind’s well being just a little bit after. Automatic drawing means letting your subconscious mind speak up to the clear page. It’s also a fantastic way to get over an artistic block. […]

What Coffee is to the Creative!

Every creative person who drinks coffee has a very special place in his/her heart for it. I’m definitely one of them. Do I speak like an addict? Whateva’, I love coffee and so do you since you are reading this article already. I’m not here to talk about health or environment. There’s plenty written out there […]

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Á Bloc Cycling

Cycling Kit Design That’s right! There I was at Niko Bikes in Varna, just looking to buy an autumn cycling kit to ride in style and ended up being commissioned to design one! Awesome stuff just happen to me and I get to do all the things I’m passionate about. Niko had this idea about […]